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An outdated CMS, copious texts and very few call-to-actions – until bibicontent came to the rescue. And we’re extremely proud about the result!

A few weeks ago, we got a call from Natuurpunt Antwerpen Noord & Kempen because their existing site was experiencing some difficulties – mainly due to an outdated CMS. After meeting with them and performing a content audit, it was clear that we needed to do more than just transfer the existing site to a new CMS …


First of all, we convinced them to change the CMS (content management system). We opted for WordPress, with a paying theme and some paying plugins. And an updated hosting that would make the site a secured one – aka https instead of http (a great way to score better in Google, by the way).



Next, we had a look at the existing content. What we found? More than 100 pages filled to the brim with text. No typical web copy (headers, short paragraphs, lists, …), no SEO optimization, very few visuals and hardly any call-to-actions. However, seeing that most texts were delivered by the volunteers – who put their heart and soul into writing about their favorite subject – we decided to keep the content as was for the time being. But we ‘pimped’ it to make it more attractive.


Natuurpunt Antwerpen Noord & Kempen is the regional division of Natuurpunt that defends nature and landscape in the Antwerp North area. They manage around 1,000 hectares of nature in the Antwerp area with the support of more than 5,500 families and numerous volunteers. This makes Natuurpunt Antwerpen Noord & Kempen one of the largest regional departments of Natuurpunt vzw.


So, where did we go from here? Simple, really. We added sub headers to create some breathing space and included some extra visuals. But what really made a difference was adding some elements to increase interaction and involvement.

For example, we included a call-to-action, a route description and some news items in each of the ‘Natuur.gebieden’.

We also added a custom-made sidebar for each of the sections, making it even more interactive and engaging.


After taking as much care of the content as we could, it was time to have a look at the site structure and navigation.


We divided the content in 5 ‘intuitive’ sections:


Here you can find all the information about the 20 areas – and counting! – Natuurpunt Antwerpen Noord & Kempen is responsible for.


This section contains the calendar of upcoming events as well as links to other activities for anyone who wants to help conserve both the areas as help the environment in general.


This is an overview of the many ways you can support Natuurpunt, financially or otherwise.


Showcases the blog, which will be kept up to date using a content calendar. We also included an archive of previous editions of Natuur.ruimte, Natuurpunt Antwerpen Noord & Kempen’s very own magazine.


We finally decided to put this section on top as well, because analytics showed that the section ‘Regionale werkgroepen’ got most of the visitors.


Last, but not least, the typical contact info and e-mail subscription was put in the footer as to avoid cluttering the main navigation.


We would like to thank Dirk for offering us this lead, Iris and Willy for the great collaboration and Tom for making sure the new site got online without any hiccups.

And if your site could use some updating, just let us know!

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