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Whether you need to convince others of the magic of content to get results or you and your co-workers need a hands-on training, we can help you. Not with a cookie-cutter workshop that you can find anywhere, but a tailor-made session that will answer to your specific needs.

Sound familiar? You go to a workshop to learn more about using LinkedIn as a powerful way to reach new customers (which it can be). What you learn, however, is how LinkedIn is the best tool to find new employees. Interesting, but not really why you were there … Or how blogging is necessary to attract attention (and it really is), only to hear a sales pitch for a new content management system that nobody uses yet and probably never will …

One of our strongest convictions at bibicontent, is that there is never a one-size-fits-all approach to anything. Especially not when it comes to workshops. Let the days of useless workshops that eat up time and money be over and talk to us for a solution that really fits your needs.

Our approach is to come by first and to listen to what you really need. Are you convinced that you need a new approach to reach customers by using content, but others in your company are not on board yet? We’ll prepare a workshop that will evoke a paradigm shift and convince everyone that you definitely have a point. Or have you already created a Facebook company page but you have no idea how to fill it and/or attract attention? Or maybe you just need some tips & tricks on where to find content and how to bring it? Whatever you need, we’ll do our best to hear you and develop a workshop that really answers to your needs. In-house at your company or in an attractive and easy-to-reach location.

Ready for a workshop that really meets your needs?

Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll get in touch with you to see how we can move forward quick & easy.

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