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Content that is so great people will automatically find it? Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Ever … You need to attract attention in any way you can. Using all possibilities available. If done well, a great ‘PESO’-mix (paid, earned, shared and owned content) will bring people to your content and – ultimately – convert them into loyal customers.

Introduced by PR-company Spinsucks, the PESO-model offers a great framework to create a communication and marketing mix that will actually get you out there and get (potential) customers to notice you. It’s really up to you how much time, money and effort you wish to spend on either of them but one thing is for sure: you need each and every one of them.


This is all about advertising your content (and paying for it). You can advertise on search engines, social media or use display advertising on other websites. Although effective, make sure you don’t intrude where you are not wanted to avoid audiences becoming reluctant to hear from you …


The hardest kind of attention to come by because you really need to offer relevant, interesting and beautiful content that sets you apart. Press attention, influencers and inbound links (links from other websites or blogs to your content) play a key role here. Hard work but very much worth it if you can achieve it!


Shared media are – obviously – about social media, but also user-generated content. It’s about your (potential) customers talking about you – a great way to get attention from others! Visuals (Instagram, Pinterest) and video (YouTube) are the really strong formats to yield shares and get noticed.


This is where you are king (or queen) of your castle. You decide what gets told or shown and you can easily monitor reactions and comments. Think: your website, blog, newsletter, magazine and/or brochure. Make sure your content is relevant and distinctive to stand out and have potential customers coming back for more.

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