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In today’s world, it is really the customers who decide what they want to see, when, where and how. They are fully in charge. That’s why you need to make sure you not only live up to their expectations but – especially – be available where they are if you want to get noticed.

In an ideal world, you have a content system and organisation in place that attracts attention and delivers content 24/7, on all platforms and all devices. However, if your resources and time are limited – as they are for most of us – you need to make choices and make sure they are the right ones …

At bibicontent, we are firm believers in a so-called ‘24/7 content ecosystem‘. Basically, you have one ‘content hub’ (usually your website or blog) and you use various channels and platforms to push people to that content – both online and offline and using the PESO-model.

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However, the possibilities are overwhelming, not to mention that every single day a new platform seems to pop up. To be honest, if you want to keep it manageable, you will have to make choices. Based on your personae, the customer journey lifecycle and your business goals. We will gladly advice and assist you in that choice and assure a timely and consistent realisation to make sure you attract the right attention to your brand, products and services.

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