Content plan

You know your goals, you have defined your target audience and you know where and how to reach them? Then it’s time to get organised and make sure your efforts will indeed get you new customers and keep existing ones coming back for more.

Setting up a content plan is crucial if you really want to achieve anything at all … You need to define what content you will create, who will decide what to do with it and assign someone to actually get it out there. Also, make sure you set up analytics and measurements to know if you are indeed succeeding your business goals.

A content plan is extremely individual, depending on your goals, the size of your company, the available resources and so on. However, there are some basics you need to cover if you want to achieve results.

The basics of your content plan

Brainstorm ideas

Decide on what you want to tell and in which format (text, video or visual). Involve as many people as you like to generate ideas and set up a list of possible topics you think your audience will want to discover.

Create content

Once you know the format for your content, assign a person or agency to actually create it. Make sure your briefing is clear and the timings are set.

Get approval

Think about all the people and/or departments that need to review the content before you can take the next step. Setting up timings here is crucial if you want to advance quickly.

Publish your content

Who will publish the content on your website? Or make sure your posts on social media actually get written? If you are working with offline content, make sure you make sound agreements on timing and delivery of the publication.

Get your content noticed

Often overseen, but once the content is ready, how will you distribute it? Which platforms or advertising tools will you apply to attract attention? Who will be responsible to get this done? What is the timing?

Measure & analyse results

Last, but not least, define how you will measure if your efforts are indeed achieving results. Set up KPI’s, appoint someone responsible for monitoring and interpreting the results and describe what you should do if something does not work.

Need assistance in setting up your content plan?

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