The new B2B target group

Time to review your target group?

According to a Google / Millward Brown study, it turns out that the B2B persona you need to create has become someone very different. There are 6 important facts that change the perspective on the B2B target group and – as a consequence – your content strategy, if you really want to attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back for more.

So, what has changed? How are B2B decision makers and researchers so different from the image we used to have?

Fact #1: it's time for the millennials

Your target group is much younger than you probably think

Actually, more than half of your target group is a so-called millennial, meaning they are not a day above 34.

The classic vision of the main target group Who your real target group is in today's world

Fact #2: they are not at always at the top of the food chain

Most decision-makers are not senior- or C-level

Although 64% of the C-suite has final sign-off, so do 24% of the ‘lower’ levels. What’s more: 81% of them have a say in the purchase decision. That’s why you need to cater to their needs and concerns in the early stages of the customer journey if you don’t want to run the risk of being overlooked.

Fact #3: they spend loads of time online

Make sure your digital channels are up-to-date

No less than 89% uses the internet during their research process. Which means you have to be present with relevant, educative and even entertaining content to get noticed. Make sure your content always gives an answer to the ‘what’s in it for me?’ for your potential customer. Also, provide the right content for each step in their customer journey – from awareness over consideration and engagement to the final purchase.

Fact #4: they search a lot before they buy

Make sure your content can be found

90% of B2B buyers uses a search engine when researching new products or services. They conduct on average 12 searches prior to engaging on a specific brand’s site.

What’s more, almost 1 in 3 of people involved in the B2B buying process are already 57% down the path to decision before they will even consider to visit your website to find out more or perform any kind of action.

Identify where you can be part of their quest as early as possible and throughout the full process. In other words, make sure you are easy to find, with relevant content and good SEO.

Fact #5: they love video

Why you need to include video in your marketing plan

Almost 3 in 4 uses video throughout their entire path to purchase. 48% watches for half an hour; 1 in 5 spend even more than an hour with video content. Thats’ why you really need to include video in your marketing plan.

As always, it is important to offer them the right type of content along their customer journey. Whereas you can bet on a single video and hope that it’ll go viral in commercial surroundings, the usage of video in B2B communication requires a bit more strategic thinking.

Fact #6: they are mobile

Even while at work ....

From search to purchase, 42% of B2B buyers use their mobile to compare prices or product features, read about products, look for retailers and even the final purchase. What’s more, almost half of them do that during working hours. So make sure you provide them with a rich mobile experience!

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