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Content AUDIT

With a content audit you will be able to assess the content you already have and how to improve it, as well as find ways to dig up new relevant content.

To be honest, a content audit is not the sexiest or easiest part of a content strategy, but the effort is worthwhile. Knowing which pages are visited, which blog articles are read and which social posts are shared, is a good indication of what you’re doing right – or maybe even what you’re doing wrong … The results will not only show you how your existing content is doing, it will also give you insights on why and how you can improve them.

At bibicontent, however, we feel there’s more we can do for you to improve your content. More specifically, we want to find out what your stories are and how you can turn them into great content. There is often a real treasure of available content that you just need to tap into. So, we’ll go on a treasure hunt by talking to your sales people, meet up with your customer service agents, reach out to your community manager and – most importantly – get in touch with your customers. That way, you will never have to wonder what to tell next …

Want to start your own treasure hunt?

Get in touch and we’ll gladly drop by and start looking for those hidden gems. What’s more, not only will we consult and assist you in improving what you already have, we’ll also help you in adding new content that will make your treasure even more worthwhile.

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