Why use video in B2B?

Should you use video in a professional environment?

Although video is typically used in commercial communications, it also offers great rewards when used in a more professional environment. Mainly because your ‘typical’ B2B audience has evolved and now wholeheartedly embraces video, even for business purposes. Furthermore, when used right, video attracts attention and improves retention.

Reason 1: your audience has evolved

Do you still think of 50-year old men in business suits as your main target group? Time to update your persona as a study by Google & Millward Brown shows that almost half of the people who research what to buy in professional environments are now millennials (18 – 34 years old). Your ‘typical’ B2B audience has not only become younger, but also spends a lot more time online.

  • 89% of B2B customers use the internet when researching new products or services to buy
  • 70% of B2B buyers watch video throughout their entire path to purchase
  • On average, they watch 30 minutes, with 1 out of 5 consuming over an hour of video content

This means you need to adapt your strategy and marketing plan to the kind of content this target group is using and which media channels they prefer. Looking at the numbers above clearly indicates there is a need to integrate video in your overall plan.

Reason 2: video makes a bigger impact

There are innumerable studies that show the impact video has. Here are just three findings that I really want to share with you – and with the rest of the world on Twitter 🙂

Video is also a great tool to engage and delight your existing customers. According to Hubspot, retention rates increase by 35% if you address this group with the right, personally tailored video content. It’s a great way to prove you’re still up-to-date and have their back. Which, in turn, will lower churn rate and boost recurring sales.

Reason 3: video increases the attention you get

An optimized video increases the chance of your brand being on the front page of  Google by 53 times!

Adding the word ‘video’ in the subject line of your email boosts open rates by 20% and increases lead generation numbers by no less than 3 times.  

Still not convinced?

Check out this video to find out more about why you need video & mobile in B2B.
Richard Robinson, Director, Google explains how video and mobile are changing the B2B buying process. Using results from the B2B Path to Purchase Study, he illustrates how B2B buyer behaviour has changed in the last years, and how both video and mobile have now become critical tools in the B2B purchase decisions.

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