Content marketing 101

Content marketing 101

What's all the fuzz about?

Surfing the internet or attending seminars, you sometimes come across the statement that ‘classic’ marketing and advertising are a thing of the past and that content marketing is the only way to go. But what is content marketing really about?

One of the major misconceptions about content marketing is that it is an extra tool you can use on top of your other marketing efforts. However, content marketing is a strategy. A strategy you need to conscientiously choose and then develop, independently of the channels you want to use or the campaigns you wish to launch.

Why use content?

The most important element in content marketing is content – doh! 😉 But in today’s world, consumers are overwhelmed with messages and they are more and more desperate for relevant content.

Content that facilitates their life, content that answers to their needs and content that is – preferably – enjoyable to read. Not an easy task, but the only way to go if you want to increase your exposure and, in the long(er) run, your conversion. Keep in mind that relevant content gets shared and that it gets you a higher Google ranking.

How to go about it?

The question is: how do you define relevant content? It is definitely not content about your company and products but rather what your company and products can do for the consumer.

Sounds a bit wishy washy? This example will make it more tangible.

What you want to tell:

Our XCF48Y drilling machine is the most advanced in the business.

What your consumers wants to know:

How can I drill a hole in my bathroom tiles without destroying them?

What you need to tell:

We have the perfect solution to drill holes in tiles without breaking them.

Choosing for content marketing implies for most business that they need to review their current content and ‘translate’ it into content that is relevant for (potential) customers.

In the end, it’s all about attracting attention ...

Once your existing content is translated into relevant content, there is still one more difficult task ahead. Consumers nowadays choose when, where and on which device they want to find content. Which means you will need to optimise your content for each channel.

You can distribute your content through a Facebook post, a blog post, an item in your webshop, a personalised e-mail, a video or much more. As long as you keep in mind that a Facebook post about the drilling machine will be completely different from the info on the e-commerce page or the video showing you how to drill holes in tiles.

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